November 7

November 7

2022 TVA Tournament Schedule

Membership 40.00 Needs to be Paid at 1st Tournament.


All Tournaments will Start at Legal Sunrise, and will be 8-Hour Tournaments, unless Participants of the Tournament wish to Shorten the Hours due to Weather Conditions or other Reasons.


Date           Start Time                     Lake          Ramp

April 2nd            After Meeting            Shafer                 Monon Ramp

April 30th           After Meeting            Shafer                 Monon Ramp  

May 7th             After Meeting            Freeman              Dodge Camp Ramp

July 30th             After Meeting             Lake Michigan    Portage Marina

August 6th          After Meeting             Lake Michigan    Portage Marina

September 3rd    After Meeting             Shafer                  Monon Ramp

September 17th  After Meeting             Shafer                  Monon Ramp


2022 TVA Classic

To qualify for the Classic, you must participate in at least one traveling tournament either Will be Decided Members Vote

October 1st        After Meeting                Freeman           Dodge Camp

October 2nd       After Meeting                Shafer               Monon Ramp


2023 TVA BASS Openers

November 5th           After Meeting           Shafer              Monon Ramp

November 19th         After Meeting           Shafer              Monon Ramp


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