2019 TVA Tournament Schedule

                                                       Membership Required       

 Off Limits 4 days Prior 

 Mandatory Meeting one hour before sunrise 

We will Be taking off immediately after the meeting, please make sure your lights are in working order.

Date           Start Time                     Lake          Ramp

April 6th              After Meeting            Shafer                 Monon Ramp

May 4th               After Meeting            Shafer                 Monon Ramp  

May 18th             After Meeting            Freeman              Dodge Camp Ramp

June 22nd            After Meeting            Manitou               DNR Ramp

July 27th             After Meeting             Lake Michigan    Portage Marina

August 31st         After Meeting             Shafer                  Monon Ramp

September 28th   After Meeting             Shafer                  Monon Ramp


2019 TVA Classic

To qualify for the Classic, you must participate in at least one traveling tournament either Lake Manitou or Lake Michigan.

October 19th       After Meeting                Shafer              Monon Ramp  

October 20th       After Meeting                Freeman           Dodge Camp


2020 TVA BASS Openers

October 26th           After Meeting                Shafer              Monon Ramp

November 2nd         After Meeting                Shafer              Monon Ramp



October 26th Mandatory Meeting 6:30am EST Shafer    Monon Ramp

Take off will be after the meeting 5MPH, Please have your lights in working order.

November 2nd Mandatory Meeting 6:30am EST Shafer   Monon Ramp

Take off will be after the meeting 5MPH, Please have your lights in working order.

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