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Centrally located between Indianapolis, Indiana and Chicago, Illinois, the TVA Tournament Series primarily attracts grass-root anglers from around northwestern and north central Indiana and from northeastern Illinois. Anglers who want to compete in higher profile bass tournaments, but are unable to due to their work schedules, family commitments, or tremendous time and expense related to driving all the way to Kentucky Lake, the Ohio River, or other great tournament destinations. This same group wouldn't be satisfied with a standard bass club where only a trophy and a handshake for 1st place are up for grabs, or even another run-of-the-mill team circuit.

A few of our fishermen have competed as full-time touring pro's at some point and time throughout their career, but now work a standard 40-50 hour week. Others try to fish one or two national events per year, while some just like to come out, compete, and enjoy the outdoors. Whatever the case may be, fun is had by all and there is a lot of "good competition" with such a cross-section and variety of fishing talent.

When you join and fish the TVA Tournament Series you truly have the best of both worlds. Some fishermen refer to us as a club that fishes like a circuit. While other fishermen refer to us as a circuit that fishes like a club.

We GUARANTEE that if you bring your boat to our tournaments you will fish out of it, as long as it conforms to the tournament rules (See rules section). We believe that if you are making the payments you should be able to use your boat. However, when you draw a partner, they are permitted equal time in the front of the boat.

The payouts will be over 100%, and the classic is no entry fee as well as no big bass entry. All the tournaments are close to home so you have very little road expenses. All sponsor/support, or prizes for the Tippecanoe Valley Anglers Tournament Series events, will go directly back to the fishermen.


1.) Who can participate? Men and women at least 16 yrs of age or older. Guides, locals, amateurs, and professionals. TVA doesn't discriminate against gender, or professional status.

2.) Is this team or draw events? Draw events.

3.) What are the entry fee's? $55 per person (does not include big bass)/$5 Big Bass Pot

4.) Is this a club? Yes, it is. Tournament anglers need to organize, and use our strength and knowledge to teach good environmental practices, sportsmanship, and even tournament etiquette to younger anglers. As well as bridge some gaps in both local and state political issues.

5.) Are there any late fee's at the tournaments? No.

6.) Do I have to pre-register, or go to a meeting during the week for the upcoming tournament? No, same day registration, same day meeting, and same day pairings.

7.) How many places will you pay at qualifying tournaments? We will payback to 25% of the field. More people get a piece of the pie this way, and we still payback great to the top individuals!! You can ask to see the payout at the ramp, or go to the payout section of this web page. EVERYTHING GOES BACK TO THE FISHERMEN.

8.) Will plaques and trophies be awarded? Yes, if sponsorship permits. But it will not come out of the payout at tournaments.

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