How to qualify for the TVA Bass Championship

TVA Tournament Series Events
T.V.A. will host nine ( 9 ) series qualifying tournaments. Starting in the Fall the preceding year.

Only your best seven ( 7 ) finishes will count towards The TVA Bass Championship and TVA Series Angler of the Year--Points Champion. Qualifying tournaments are worth a maximum of 100 points. Points will be awarded in 1pt decreasing increments depending on place of finish.

No contestant weighing in a fish will receive less than 51pts. All anglers not weighing in a fish will receive 50 show points.

In order to qualify, and fish in The TVA Bass Championship you must have accumulated a minimum of 300 points, fished at least one traveling tournament, and have fished a minimum of five (5) tournaments.

Angler of the year plaques will be awarded to the Top-10 anglers in the point standings, and the 1st place angler in the point standings after nine qualifiying ( 9 ) tournaments will win the Angler of the Year title and plaque.


T V A Tournament Series

1.) Men and women 16 yrs. of age or older may fish the tournaments. Guides and professionals may also fish. .
2.) All boats must carry a minimum $300,000 liability policy and present a copy of the policy upon paying membership dues.
3.) Entry for each qualifying event is $55 does not includes Big Bass/$5 Big Bass Pot (NO CHECKS)
4.) Directors may fish the entire tournament schedule including the classic. However, tournament directors will always weigh-in last, and have another member weigh their catch.
5.) All boats must have a working "kill switch" for the combustion engine, aerated operating live wells with enough room to hold two limits of bass. 6.) Horsepower of your boat may not exceed the maximum horsepower regulations set by the U.S. Coast Guard in their ruling of November 1972. 7.) Only artificial bait may be used to catch bass, for the exception of pork rind. All fish must be caught in a sporting manner.
8.) No trolling for fish allowed, and only one (1) rod can be used at a time.
9.) If you are ticketed by the DNR, and turned in to the director, you may be subject to disqualification for that day.
10.)  Kill switches must be operable and in proper working condition and must be attached to boaters person or life Jackets, all life jackets must be worn when gas engine is in use, with the exception of  moving from spot to spot and not on plane.
11.) Limit shall be 5 bass largemouth, smallmouth, or Kentucky spotted bass measuring 14", unless the state has deemed the limits higher or lower for that particular body of water.
12.) Dead fish, No Dead fish will be Weighed. No fish will be weighed if the fish appears mangled, mashed, or stringer kept. Short fish will not be weighed, but there will be a courtesy bump board available.
14.) Anglers are expected to exhibit high sportsmanship and boating safety standards, and be courteous to people on and off the water at all times.
15.) NON-BOATERS/Co Anglers if you enter as a non-boater you are expected to split the cost of operating the boat for the day with the owner. All non-boaters must pay the boater $25.00 per day. Non-boaters are responsible for any damages incurred if non-boater is operating trolling motor or driving the boat.
16.) BOATERS if you enter a tournament as a boater you will fish out of your boat. In the event you do not draw a partner, you will still fish out of your boat alone.
17.) TIES all ties will be broken by the number of fish in the catch, then by the biggest fish of the catch. After that combining places and splitting award.
18.) LATE PENALTIES all boats must be back to the check-in site on time, if a contestant is late for check-in they will be penalized 1 pound per minute up to 5 minutes.  After 5 minutes the contestant will be disqualified. If a contestant's boat breaks down, the contestant may have another contestant bring their fish to the weigh-in. 
19.) All electronic communication is prohibited, except for in the case of an emergency or if a contestants boat breaks down.
20) If anyone is caught or seen using big engine in an unsafe or illegal manner they will be immediately disqualified and will forfeit tournament entry fees and any prize money awarded.
21) All members are required to exhibit courtesy. Do not navigate your boat into an area ( within 50 yards ) of a competing angler, all should respect each other and non- tournament anglers as well, We, like others, do not own the lakes we simply have the right to use them.                      22) NO ALABAMA RIGS


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